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Life Insurance Is A Bargain For Millennials


Studies show that young people overestimate the cost of life insurance and a large portion of those between the ages of 20 to 30 believe they won’t qualify. Millennials, we’re here to tell you that getting life insurance is easier and cheaper than you think.

You Need Life Insurance

Ask yourself this question: money-wise, would someone be worse off if you died tomorrow? If you have people dependent on your income or people would be stuck paying your debts, then the answer is yes and you need life insurance.

You should also consider getting life insurance if you have private student loans. Federal student loans are discharged if the student dies, but rules vary depending on individual lenders for private student loans. Parents, siblings, or spouses who co-sign private loans may be responsible for your debt if you die.

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Afford It

An insurance questionnaire asked respondents how much a $250,000 term policy for a healthy 30-year-old would cost per year. The median response was $500 – three times more than the actual cost of $160. Millennials aged 18 to 36 gave responses that were even more skewed: 44% estimated it would cost $1,000 or more.

Many people, particularly young people, don’t consider life insurance because they think it’s too expensive. This could not be further from the truth. Millennials have a financial incentive to buy now while they are young. As you get older and your health declines, insurance premiums increase.

The study also found that 42% of Millennials think they would not qualify for coverage, compared with 24% of Generation X, 20% of baby boomers, and 15% of seniors. Ironically, out of all these age groups, millennials are the most likely to qualify for the best rates.

What Kind Of Insurance Should A Millennial Buy? How Much?

There are two main types of life insurance: term and permanent. Term life insurance covers a period of time, like 20, 30, or 50 years. Permanent insurance lasts your whole life, but often costs a lot more and has features you may not need. Term life, such as Juniper Life Insurance, is the least expensive and least complicated – making it perfect for younger families.

Picking term coverage requires a little bit of planning. You should buy a term that covers you until your kids are grown, your home is paid off, and you’re financially established. One effective way to find out how much coverage you need is to count your expenses. Get a policy that covers your mortgage, your car loans, and any future college costs. Be sure to take income replacement into account as well. Many experts suggest purchasing enough coverage to replace seven years of income.

Where Should You Buy Insurance?

Some of us get life insurance through work, but the free coverage given to employees probably isn’t enough for you, your spouse, and your kids. Also, workplace coverage often ends the moment you leave your employer.

If you’re healthy, your best bet is to shop around and find some quotes online. You may be considering going to an insurance broker and speaking with an agent, but be aware that brick and mortar brokers are often more expensive than their online counterparts.

The Different Types of Drywall

When it comes to your renovation or construction project, there are always a wide variety of different drywall materials available for use. Each and every part of your renovation might have different types of material that all serve different purposes. One material that many people do not expect to have different types and purposes are the drywall that is placed upon their walls. When it comes to drywall, each and every type of drywall is colour coordinated and each colour serves a different purpose.

White Board

This is the normal type of drywall that people typically think of when they think of drywall. This type is normally white on one side and brown on the other. This type of drywall is also called paper drywall as it is a combination of gypsum plaster and covering it in sheets of thick paper.

Paperless Drywall

When it comes to drywall, this is the growing standard that many others are choosing. This type of drywall is made with a covering of fibreglass instead of paper. This helps to protect the gypsum from rot and provides greater resistance to mold and mildew compared to the standard white board.

Soundproof Drywall

This type of drywall is a laminated type of drywall that is made with a mixture of wood fibers, gypsum, and polymers. This increases the sound transmission class of the drywall. This type of drywall is denser than regular drywall. This drywall is used in areas where noise can be a problem. This type of drywall can be used in a family room or in a music studio.

Green Drywall

Green drywall is a moisture resistant drywall. The green covering makes it more resistant than regular drywall. This resistance leads to the drywall being more expensive than traditional white board. Understand that this type of drywall is not waterproof and should not be used if it will be in contact with water.

Purple Drywall

Purple drywall offers an improved moisture resistance compared to regular drywall. This gives it greater moisture and mold resistance compared to the standard drywall. This drywall is best suited for when you need better moisture and mold resistance. If there is going to be contact with water, this is the drywall to use.

Blue Drywall

This type of drywall is also known as plaster baseboard. This type of drywall is for veneer plastering and the surface paper has special absorption. It has high water and mold resistance and works well in bathrooms or places with high moisture.

No matter what type of drywall you intend to use, knowing all of your different choices can help you to find the perfect choice for your project. Different types of drywall are better for different types of projects and getting the proper drywall can help your next project go a long way. 

18650 vs 28650 Batteries

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Your battery is the most important component of your e-cigarette; it is what keeps it functioning properly and what allows you to enjoy vaping every day. But how much do you really know about your battery? Do you know which type you are using? Two batteries that are used by many people are 18650’s and 28650’s, and you may be surprised to learn that the only real difference between these two battery types is their size. Let’s take a look at what makes these two battery types different and the advantages and disadvantages of both.

What do the numbers mean?

You may be wondering why these two types of batteries simply go by numbers instead of edgy names. The reason is simple; the numbers tell you information about the size and shape of the battery. Using an 18650 battery as an example, the 18 refers to the battery’s diameter (18 millimetres), and the 65 indicates the battery’s length (65 millimetres). The 0 at the end symbolizes the shape of the battery, which is a cylinder. It is interesting to know that the names of these batteries are simply descriptive numbers instead of anything too technical and complex.

Which is more widely used?

18650 batteries are the most widely used e-cig batteries, with pretty much every mod available using them. 18650 batteries are usually used in pairs, with vapers running two parallel cells instead of one. Many vapers have personal preferences when it comes to the weight that these batteries provide, and this is something that also factors into their decision to go with the double 18650 batteries. 28650 batteries are basically just bigger 18650’s, and they are used individually rather than in pairs. Because of their bigger size, 28650’s typically have a longer charge than their smaller counterparts, which is something that some vapers prefer to have.

Which battery is right for you?

In the end, when deciding which battery to use, it mostly comes down to personal preference. If you are someone that enjoys the convenience of dealing with only one battery, then a 28650 could be what you’re looking for. If you’re ok with swapping batteries out more often, then going with 18650’s could be a good choice. No matter which batteries you end up choosing, one thing is for sure; both will allow you to enjoy your e-cigarette to the fullest!

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

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If you have been considering laser hair removal as an option to get rid of unwanted hair, there are no doubt some questions you may have. Laser hair removal is a perfectly safe and effective alternative to other treatments such as waxing, and it carries a number of benefits. Here are some of the best things about laser hair removal, all of which should make your decision much easier.

It’s cheaper in the long run

If you compare the price of a laser hair removal session to the price of one waxing session, you are going to see a higher price for the laser treatment, but don’t let this scare you away! Laser hair removal is much more effective than waxing in keeping your hair from growing back. You can expect to spend less in the long run because the number of waxing appointments you’ll be making over time is going to add up quickly. Think of laser treatment as more of a good long-term investment.

It keeps skin smooth longer

Like we said, laser hair removal is extremely effective at keeping your skin nice and smooth for longer periods of time. This means you will not only save money, but will spend far less time fumbling with your razor in the bathroom. Shaving can take up a huge chunk of your daily routine, but with laser treatment, that time is going to be freed up.

It’s fast and easy

Laser hair removal is surprisingly fast, with treatment sessions usually lasting about 15 to 20 minutes. The procedure is relatively painless too, unlike waxing, meaning you can feel a lot more relaxed as you get your hair dealt with. While there are some side effects that may occur, they are usually minor and do not last very long.

It won’t cause ingrown hairs  

Ask anyone who has done waxing and they will tell you that one of the biggest problems it can cause is ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs can be painful and are all around unpleasant to look at, so it’s only natural you’d want to avoid getting them. Laser hair removal is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair without the risk of developing ingrown hairs.

You can shave between sessions

A common complaint among those who wax is that they are forced to grow their hair out more than they’d like to before going in for a treatment in order for that treatment to be successful. Laser hair removal does not require longer hair in order to work, so you will have the freedom to shave in between sessions once your hair starts to grow back.

If you’d like to start getting better results out of your hair removal method and start enjoying smooth skin for longer, then it’s time you gave laser hair removal a try. Fast, easy, and safe, laser treatment is the perfect alternative to other more painful and time-consuming treatments such as waxing.

Should you consider LASIK Eye Surgery?

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Of the countless people that wear glasses or contact lenses each and every day, many are perfectly happy doing so, but there are some who are growing tired of it. For these people, looking for a change means turning to alternatives such as LASIK eye surgery. LASIK is a process that uses lasers to correct a person’s vision and thus eliminate their need for glasses or contact lenses. As good as that may sound to you, you should know that not everyone is a good fit for the procedure, so it’s important to understand it along with the criteria that makes a good candidate for LASIK. Here’s a quick look at some of the ways you can determine if LASIK is the right choice for you.

What is LASIK?

Before you think of anything, you should clear up any confusion you may have as to what LASIK is.  Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is a procedure that is used to correct near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and/or astigmatism. A thin flap is cut in the cornea of the eye using either a microkeratome blade or a femtosecond laser, and is then folded back by a surgeon. Next, corneal tissue is removed underneath using an excimer laser, and the flap is then placed back to begin the healing process.

What determines a good LASIK candidate?

First off, make sure you are up to date on your eye examinations before even considering LASIK, and that your vision has been stable for a few years. There are a number of requirements you need to meet in order to be a good fit for getting LASIK done, and they are:

Age: you must be 18 or older in order to be approved for LASIK. This is due to the fact that your vision must be stable in order to have the procedure done. Myopia is common in teenagers, resulting in their vision constantly changing.

Eye Health: LASIK is usually for people who only have common vision problems such as near-sightedness and far-sightedness and not more serious eye problems. More serious eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, dry eyes, keratitis, and any eye disease that causes your vision to deteriorate will likely block you from being able to undergo LASIK treatment.

Overall Health: certain medical conditions not related to your eyes can increase the risk of complications from LASIK. These include diabetes, any disease that impairs your immune system and your ability to heal, depression, and any conditions that require you to take immunosuppressive drugs.

Cost: most insurance companies will likely not view LASIK as a necessary procedure, and therefore not cover it for you. Make sure you will be able to pay for the procedure before you make the decision to have it done.

So should you get LASIK?

LASIK is a popular option for If you meet all of the requirements, you can definitely start thinking about undergoing LASIK, especially in a large city such as Toronto. Eye Care is of utmost importance to us in the digital age, so it’s important to take all of the above into consideration before doing LASIK. Of course the absolute best way to determine whether or not LASIK is for you is to book a consultation with your eye doctor. LASIK consultations are usually free and are a great way to get the go ahead from an experienced professional.


Is E-Liquid Safe For Your Lungs?

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The topic on whether or not e-cigarettes are indeed safer to use than cigarettes has been a controversial one since e-cigarettes hit the market for the public to use. After some scientific studies, it has been concluded that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to use than conventional cigarettes. This brings about another valid question: is e-liquid safe for your lungs?

You should not think that e-liquids are completely free of toxicants because that is not true. E-liquids and aerosols used in e-cigarettes have been tested and do contain some toxicants, but with levels that are much lower than those in tobacco smoke. There are also minute concentration of carcinogens present in e-liquids. While some Canadian online vape shops may post the lab results of their e-liquid, the vast majority of e-liquid vendors don’t provide this (especially small brick & mortar stores).

For those who are avid smokers of cigarettes, it’s reported that they smoke for the nicotine consumption, but get affected by the smoke itself, which is an inhalation of tar particles and toxic gases that get inhaled into the lungs. E-cigarettes actually have a reduction in tobacco, and those who smoke them will have less harm if they consume nicotine in a lower-risk, non-combustible form.

What about the filter on cigarettes? E-cigarettes don’t have filters so does that mean that cigarettes are safer when consuming nicotine? The answer to that is no. You must know how much nicotine is absorbed rather than consumed. When using e-cigarettes, it is still unsure if the nicotine is delivered to the lungs or is absorbed by the mucosa in the upper respiratory tract. Regardless, studies have shown that when comparing the same user’s blood nicotine levels, first after they smoked a cigarette, second after they smoked an e-cigarette, the blood nicotine levels were significantly elevated after smoking the cigarette. So, even if vapour from the e-liquid gets delivered to the lungs, it’s a significantly lower quantity than when smoking a cigarette.

It’s scientifically proven!

Therefore, when compared to tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have minimal toxicity. A study was conducted, examining the potential toxic effects of electronic and tobacco cigarettes on living cells (some of which are present in the lungs). During the study, one e-cigarette was smoked and the extract was applied to the cells, the same was done with the cigarette and applied to the same type of cell for comparison. After a 24 hour exposure, the cell with the tobacco extract only had 5.7% of the cell that survived. The cell with the e-liquid vapour extract had more than 70% survival. So while there are some toxic chemicals present in e-liquid, the quantities are much lower than in tobacco.

So, e-liquids are not guaranteed to be 100 percent safe for your lungs, but when you are ingesting any chemicals, this will always be the case. However, they are safer for your lungs than tobacco. Just like any other tobacco product, e-cigarettes have chemicals, but they have minimal toxicity.